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Pour les personnes qui ont besoin d'un interaction entre l'environnement traditionnel PABX/IPBX existant et leurs environnement OCS R2 la solution Gets est une solution technique permettant de mettre en place les fonctionnalités Remote Call Control.
Le support de la solution R2 manquait a leurs produits pour nous permettre d'envisager leurs implémentation. Voila qui est fait

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We are pleased to announce that Genesys Enterprise Telephony Software (GETS) 7.6 has been tested and found fully functional with Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) Release 2; no upgrade or reinstallation is required to receive full technical support from Genesys Telecommunications Labs.


Concurrently, the new Genesys automated administration utility GETSUP, can now be provided to any GETS 7.6 customer or partner without a shipment approval, based upon several successful deployments of this new capability by GETS 7.6 customers.



We are pleased to announce that the Genesys Enterprise Telephony Software (GETS) version 7.6.0 achieved Product Availability status on December 19, 2008.   Internal, partner, and customer orders will now be accepted for the PA software through the normal ordering processes. 


Please note that Product Management approval continues to be required on all GETS orders.



1    Product Information

7.6 GETS includes the following product features:

There are no restrictions for this release except for the GETSup utility which will be supplied via FTP upon customer request. This section describes new features introduced in the initial 7.6 release.

  • The following PBX types are newly supported in the GETS 7.6 release:
    • Cisco CallManager, version 5.1 and 6.0/6.1
    • Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX A4200 (OXO)

Note: For a complete list of GETS-supported switches in this release, see the Genesys 7.6 Genesys Enterprise Telephony Software Administrator's Guide.

·         GETS and LCS Adapter now supports additional deployment modes, when Microsoft Live Communication Server (LCS) or Office Communication Server (OCS) is

installed behind an Appliance Based  Load Balancer (Microsoft Enterprise Edition). Through the SIP INVITE message, Microsoft LCS/OCS provides the address of the server associated

with a particular Microsoft Office Communicator session.


·         GETS User Provisioning (GETSup) a new web-based component that provides GETS solution administrators and Help Desk staff with a single access point to manage GETS users and resources.


·         A simplified configuration for multi-switch/multi-site environments— A

configuration does not require that you configure multi-site support for TServers

or connections between different instances of LCS Adapter.


·         Multiple area code/country code support—GETS supports switch configurations where extensions on the same switch have different area codes and country codes.


·         Enhanced Transport Layer Security (TLS) configuration—LCS Adapter supports TLS connections using an application-level certificate or using a host-level certificate. For information on TLS and how to deploy secure connections between the components, see the Genesys 7.6 Security Deployment Guide.


·         Single-Step Transfer emulation is supported for the following switches that do not natively support Single-Step Transfer.

􀂋 Avaya Communication Manager

􀂋 Cisco CallManager

􀂋 Nortel CD 1000

􀂋 Nortel CD 2000/2100

􀂋 Siemens Hicom 300E and 300H

􀂋 Siemens HiPath 4000

The LCS Adapter option enable-soft-single-step-transfer enables this emulation. Note: The T-Server for the switch must support mute transfer to allow this single-step transfer emulation.


·         (Alcatel A4400/OXE switch only) RSI Synchro Server support—This Genesys-compliant application, enables users to manually or automatically import configuration data from the Alcatel switch into Configuration Manager for use with GETS.


·         (Cisco CallManager switch only) Cisco CallManager (CCM) Extractor and Switch Configuration Synchronization Utility extended support—These utilities can be used for Cisco CallManager versions 5.1, 6.0, and 6.1 in addition to 4.0, 4.1, and 5.0.


2  Product Positioning


As use of instant messaging and collaboration tools envelopes the enterprise, information workers want more and more to integrate their collaboration platform with their telephony infrastructure.   Whether it is a traditional TDM voice, hybrid TDM/IP, or pure IP solution, a collaboration solution requires a voice platform for effective communication and productivity.      


Integrating voice into the collaboration framework results in significant benefits such as the addition of a telephony presence to the presence engine and full telephony control from the desktop. 

The GETS platform provides telephony presence and call control capabilities for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 or Office Communications Server 2007, to enhance Microsoft Office Communicator and the rest of Microsoft Office suite (e.g. Share Point, Word, Excel, etc.) with a rich, full collaboration experience. 

The combined solution allows information workers to collaborate with colleagues, access availability and presence information, and seamlessly manage telephone calls among computers and desktop phones.  Currently, GETS enables information workers to conduct traditional telephony functions at the desktop – such as initiate calls, transfer, forward, ad-hoc conferencing, deflect, etc.  With this new release, extended enterprise wide deployments are possible with system administration, automated deployment, multisite configurability, enterprise scalability and improved performance.




3    Supported Platforms



Operating Systems

·         MS Windows Server 2003 Standard or Enterprise Edition.


Databases :

·         MSDE ( MSSQL Desktop Engine ) 2000 or 2005

·         Microsoft SQL Server  2000 with SP 3, or Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Microsoft Collaboration Software

·         Live Communication Server 2005

·         Office Communication Server 2007 (Standard or Enterprise Edition)

·         Microsoft Office Communicator 2005

·         Microsoft Office Communicator 2007

·         Microsoft Exchange 2003


PBX/Switches Already Supported:

·         Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise (OXE)/A4400

·         Nortel DMS100/CS2000/CS2100

·         Cisco Call Manager 4.0/4.1/5.0

·         EADS/Intecom PointSpan MD6880

·         AVAYA Communication Manager  3.0

·         Nortel Meridian/Succession/CS1000

·         Siemens HiPath 4000

·         Siemens Hicom 300E

·         NEC NEAX 2000/2400

·         Ericsson MD110

·         Mitel MN 3300

·         NEC NEAX 2000/2400

·         Siemens Hicom 300H



4    Genesys Compatibility


·         GETS supports the Genesys Management Framework 7.1.1 and later.

·         GETS support Genesys Configuration Layer 7.1 and later.

·         GETS supports the Genesys Media Layer 7.2 and later.      


6    Internationalization & Localization


GETS is compliant with Genesys server standards, including multi-byte data support.


7    Packaging and Pricing


The following new sellable items have been added to the internal price list only.


·         v7.6 - GETS

·         v7.6 - GETS HA


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